Excited! Holidays 2013!!!

Woop! This week I will get confirmation as to whether I will be granted 3 weeks to travel to Canada on holidays in May! :D :D :D

I’m so excited because I haven’t been able to afford a holiday longer than 5 days in around 5 years never mind fly so far away! We would love to fly to Vancouver and hire a car and go see some nature, perhaps stay self-catering somewhere. It all seems so expensive right now, with the flights etc., but I just need to knuckle down and save up! I’m looking at you, lunchtime crowd!

If anyone has any special tips on where to go, or stay in Canada (BC/AB), to suit our (shoestring) budget then please do comment! I really appreciate it! :) Thank you!! 



  1. Well, Congrats! Vancouver is quite an expensive city but bargains can be found if you stay away from right downtown (most hotels there charge a large parking fee). If going to Vancouver two of my favorite attractions are 1. The Vancouver Aquarium and 2. Stanley Park. I highly recommend taking the ferry to Vancouver Island (car and passenger) which costs approximately $150 CAD return for your car and two passengers which either goes from Vancouver to Victoria or Vancouver to Nanaimo. They run almost hourly or every two hours (see bcferries.com for more ideas). Most of the self catering style accommodations you will find are on the Island. There are lots of lovely B&Bs on the Island as well. Cheers!

  2. Sorry – here is another great website to help plan your holiday. Hellobc.com is the official tourism site for British Columbia where you will be travelling. It is quite helpful.

  3. I hope you get your 3 weeks what a great trip that will be. Sorry I don’t have any tips in that area, my favorite spot is the Thousand Islands little far for your trip.

  4. i have never heard of the Thousand Islands and just looked it up – wow! looks like a great spot, but yes, sadly too far for this little trip :)

  5. hopefully i can make it there some other time! I have never been to any part of North America, but over time I have had more of a want to visit than ever before :)

  6. I tried to put my dates into my work’s holiday organizer software yesterday (which didn’t go in!), but I’m really excited now! It sounds like a wonderful city, kind of a mix of urban lifestyle and nature so close by.

  7. In April, I will have been in Germany five years. This was the maximum of my initial plan when I moved here, but I hadn’t counted on the global recession “preventing” me on moving back any time soon. When I say “preventing”, I could surely move back, but my chances of finding work would be slim. Apart from that, we have no great want to return just yet.

    Also, my boyfriend has always loved Canada (and I have always loved Germany), so we are going on a holiday with a view to perhaps having a look whether we would like to live there for a while. While we both like it here, in a way, we wouldn’t be soooo sad if we left… LOL! I don’t know if that makes any sense! We love being outdoors and there is also very good work prospects for both of us there. It is just a lot further from our parents. Dublin to Hamburg is less than a 2hr flight. I’m not sure about it all yet, it’s really just an idea. It took me so long to get set up here and this apartment feels like home. When I left Dublin, I couldn’t wait to get away, so it’s a bit different this time.

    We did the same last summer, when we went to Freiburg, which is in South West Germany, close to France and Switzerland. We decided although it was nice, it is not for us and are happier in more “cosmopolitan” Hamburg ;) The airport is also very convenient for when family come to visit and in Freiburg this would be a lot more difficult, logistically.

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