All good things come to those who wait…

Hello again everyone, I hope you all had a great week? I have been splashing the cash a bit this week on home decorating and also on personal care.

I wrote a post back in september about goals for finishing decorating the apartment and while I neglected it for a while, I moved on leaps and bounds the last week and have only two more goals to go.

I targeted more artwork for the walls and at christmas I bought two canvases off an artist-friend of mine, and they are now hanging in my current work/workout room, which when re-floored will become our bedroom. It makes the room feel so different and better! This week I purchased a special double-glass frame for another painting for the bathroom. Our sitting room still needs two large-ish pieces of art and perhaps a shelf to make it feel even more home-ey.

While I was in the shop for the frame, I saw they also had their bedlinen reduced a lot – and there staring at me was a simple set in egyptian cotton in the style and similar colour to the muji jersey set that I had really wanted! €14 + €14 for the matching double sheet – I couldn’t have bought the fabric for that price! So I bought them before thinking twice :) I have rounded up a bedlinen set to donate, as I operate on a strict “one-in-one-out” policy.

So now, all there is left on my apartment list, is a little bit more artwork and to lay a new floor in the back room :) That’s ear-marked for next month :) I will need to buy a kind of a saw to trim the click-board, but I will try not to have to buy this new.



  1. Love the art! I too just bought a piece of art for a space I am working on and hope to have finished before spring. good luck finishing your quest to finish your home off.

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