Failed “No ‘Poo” Experiment

Hello :) Sunday night is the night that I wash my hair. Recently I have become dissatisfied with my favourite shampoo. At over €13 a bottle it is kind of pricey, and I am running low.

I have been reading other people’s good reports about how they wash their hair without shampoo and particularly about the “No ‘ Poo” method. This is where you use diluted washing soda as the shampoo and diluted vinegar as the conditioner. Especially motivating for me, a curly-headed girl was this youtube video. So I thought I would give it a go this evening!

Well… I had heard that one downside of the process is putting putting the cold liquid in the hair. That’s why I added hot water to my baking soda solution. Unfortunately, it was a little too hot  for my poor scalp and it was a little painful!

It was surprising what a lovely lather it worked up, and that there was really no scent of vinegar in my hair after the rinse. I used some of my raspberry vinegar for diluting.

However, the end result was that the roots were extremely “dandruffy” and I immediatley re-washed the scalp with some anti-dandruff shampoo :( I have read I should comb this out, but I guess I had no patience! I think my hair is nice and soft and will definitely give it another try – with the cold water :)



  1. I too had a learning curve when I first tried the baking soda wash. the first couple of times I tried making a paste out of it hearing it should be the consistency of toothpaste. It was so hard to get out of my hair and difficult to work with. Now I simply dilute it with the shower water when I’m ready to use it, and I always comb through the vinegar to make sure there is no residue from the baking soda. Good luck on your next attempt.

  2. Hmmm… well I’ve been “no poo” for about 4 years now, and (just guessing here) but usually what people think is horrible dandruff with no poo is really flakes of sebum (the waxy stuff that coats the hair shaft.) When you brush or comb it, it tends to form these little flake like clumps. I’d say use less baking soda and more vinegar. I actually use citric acid instead of vinegar. And combing while wet really helps too. :-)

    Here’s my dissertation on the subject if you’re curious:

  3. You could just try using water to wash next time and forget about the bread soda. If you feel like your hair is getting greasy scrub your scalp with a handful of (dry!) porridge oats and then brush them out well. When I first stopped using shampoo I was still living in Ireland so although I did do a vinegar rinse every month or so, it was more just to have the feeling I was doing something than because I needed it. In Germany however, the water is just sooo hard that I do a vinegar rinse almost every week after washing my hair. Cider vinegar is supposed to be the best thing to use and since so many shampoos have apple in them this seemed to make sense to me (but may have actually no real logical basis in fact :) ). Don’t give up – ditching the shampoo was one of the best things I ever did, I reckon.

  4. hello EcoCatLady and thank you for your comment, I think you’re right that perhaps the baking soda solution was too strong. I will try again and I think I need a finer-toothed comb if I need to comb out the clumps initially.

  5. hello, yes, I think i just freaked out a little bit when I saw so much residue – but the next time I will be more prepared with my comb! Thank you for your tips.

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