Failed No-‘Poo attempt number two

Whoops! Wrong soda...
Whoops! Wrong soda…

Hi everyone, ohhhh I feel so stupid! I actually nearly don’t want to write this, but I think I should so as that someone else maybe doesn’t make the same mistake I did!

I was out last night meeting a friend and we went to a smokers bar (because it was bitterly cold and the other bars were really full and there were seats in this place). Needless to say this morning I needed to wash my hair…ewww! So I thought this could be a test for the No’Poo routine! But I have to rewind a bit to last Monday…

On Sunday night last week I tried the No ‘Poo routine first time. On Monday morning, my eyes were very swollen as if I had cried my eyes out or had not slept in a week. I quickly ran into the kitchen and cut two pieces of cucumber and lay down for 15mins. Thankfully they calmed down by the time I got to work. I wondered if it had anything to do with the way I washed my hair the night before, but after that developed a mouth ulcer and a cold sore in pretty quick succession but my eyes were fine.
Today, I went into the bathroom, used a much more diluted version of the rinse and used a comb to comb it through like a few people had advised. Everything seemed fine, my hair looked nice, but within an hour my right eye was really red. I knew it couldn’t have been a coincidence and wondered what I did wrong. And then it hit me… I think I used *washing soda* instead of *baking soda* (sodium bicarbonate). Although thankfully I rinsed it out very well and did the vinegar rinse it was a really really really dumb thing to do. Thankfully nothing worse happened, because washing soda is an entirely different animal. So this week again, I also had an emergency regular shampoo hair wash :(

Next time, I will try it the way everyone else does it – with baking soda – LOL! Whoops! Be safe No ‘Pooers!!!



  1. I am so sorry, you are having the wost luck trying to change products. If you continue to have problems with your eyes when you use baking soda it could be the vinegar. I know the first time I rinsed my hair with it some ran into my eyes, talk about burn!

  2. Yikes! I’m glad you’re ok. I’ve heard of people using borax, but it seems a bit too toxic for me. And do be careful with the vinegar too, it really stings if you get it in your eyes.

  3. thank you, I’m glad I’m ok too! Just feeling a little sheepish :) Borax isn’t even available for sale in the EU (although you can buy it online and have it shipped). It says the reason why is because it is toxic. I guess there are other toxic things for sale though!

  4. I saw a version of this that said ‘baking powder’; another animal again. As to the rinse, try diluting it more if it bothers you. I preferred to use lemon juice when my hair was still brown; it’s great on blondes, too. Now that my hair is grey, I don’t want to add that icky yellowish tinge, so it’s plain vinegar for me. ~ Linne

  5. Hi Linne, thanks for your advice, perhaps I will get it right eventually! LOL! The smell of the vinegar rinse actually doesn’t bother me at all but I will try different things out (not the washing soda again though!) until I something that works for me.

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