Canada 2013 Travel Plans

Hello again,

Here’s a little update of how we’re doing with our planned trip to Canada in May.

The Flights were the first thing we took care of. By adding in an extra stop we got the flights down to €1450 for both of us return, which although is a lot of money it’s not too bad of a price for that.

The accommodation I thought would be the next largest cost so far have been kept under the $100 a night budget (approx. €75). Everything that I initially looked at seemed to start around $12o a night and that was quite a shock. Normally I try to keep our accomodation around €50 a night but I think it’s just not possible in the areas we want to visit. I’m the kind of person where as long as it’s clean, it’s just a place to sleep.

Vancouver proved to be a little pricier than I had initially imagined and we really need somewhere comfortable to sleep when we arrive because of our long trip. This I booked in the end through Expedia and got a good price with a very centrally located hotel that looks quite luxurious in fact :) I find these hotel booking websites to be quite good value for cities that are known to be pricey.

The rest of the booked accommodation are small cabins within an hour’s drive from the “attraction” we want to see. This helped keep the cost of the accommodation down too. We’ve booked one where we can wash our clothes (always handy when traveling around for a few weeks). This way we can also cook for ourselves and try to save a little money. Although we can’t wait to try some local specialities!

We finally sorted out the car hire today, through Avis which didn’t run so smoothly as I was trying to get a discount through the airline which we ended up booking and paying for twice…

…to cut a long story short we got a Hyundai Accent which we originally didn’t want. Our previous experience of this car (older model) was that it was very underpowered and perhaps not suitable. After a little online research, we found out that it’s a completely different (and better) car than we thought and didn’t know this because the Accent line has been discontinued in the EU. We got this for €511 ($680) with unlimited kilometers (very important for this trip!!!) for three weeks rental. That’s €25 a day, so not too bad.

The extra travel insurance was the biggest bargain yet – just €7.20 a year unlimited global travel, which was an add-on to my standard german health insurance. I don’t have private insurance, this is just the government’s standard that’s required. Usually I pay €23-30 per trip.

There are still 6 days for which I need to find somewhere to stay for us and then we need to put money aside for days out and food and petrol. It’s going to be expensive but I really think I spent the same amount of money traveling in Italy for 3 weeks a couple of years ago.

canada trip cost total

Later, I will be preparing a folder to bring with us with all of our travel documents, addresses and telephone of where we’ll be staying and last-minute checklists. We can’t wait!



  1. That’s interesting about the travel insurance. Which Krankenkasse are you with? Is it full travel insurance or just medical insurance extended globally? My annual travel insurance policy is close to 100 euro a year and was the cheapest I could find at the time I moved here. Never even thought to check if the KK offered it.

    Sounds like it’s going to be a great trip. I can’t wait to be out of debt. Although I’m not sure I’ll be able to plan any more big trips but this post reminds me that I would very much like to visit Canada someday.

  2. Thank you Livingsimplyfree, I know – just 62 days away and with another two paycheques to go!

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