Third time’s a charm

Hello :)

I just washed my hair with the baking *soda* solution and I have clean, soft and slightly puffy hair. But that’s ok because it’s normal. I didn’t put any kind of styling aid in, just a little hair moisturizer and let it air-dry.

No Poo. Washing your hair with no shampoo
Here it is: day 1 of No ‘Poo

I noticed that the baking soda solution did not lather at all, which I was not expecting. Is this normal?

I also did a rinse afterwards with diluted apple cider and lemon vinegar. This did smell like vinegar going on but since rinsing it out I don’t smell anything. Nope, (just did a check). I’m getting less dandruff than with my regular shampoo, so I will continue to do this for a while and see how it goes :)

Thanks everyone for your tips!



  1. Yay!!! Sounds like you’ve got it! In my experience the baking soda solution won’t really lather at all. Sometimes it hints at it, but only if my hair is really greasy.

  2. You have lovely hair, I always wished to have waves in my straight hair. I’m glad your tried again. I had dandruff from early childhood, but after only a couple of washings with baking soda (no it’s not supposed to lather) and rinsing with vinegar I have none any more!!

  3. I think it’s always the case of whatever you don’t have – that’s what you want because I always wanted perfectly straight hair. Over time though I’ve learned it’s better not to try to fight against the curls and to live with them. Now I like them :)

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