No ‘Poo update – a month in

Hello, hello! This is just a little update on my no-‘poo attempts. I’m still adjusting the baking soda, because I had found that one tablespoon alone is not really washing the hair (I was getting a kind of oily residue left on the hair and on my hands after rinsing). Today after reading a little online I discovered that I could up the dosage a little and put two and a half table spoons, which I think is probably a little too much although my hair is squeaky clean. I’m still very pleased with the overall results. I think my hair is just as clean (and at the moment just as puffy) as with regular commercial shampoo.

Other than this, it’s been a fairly normal week and I’ve been purposely trying to save a little bit on my lunchtime options when I’m not organised enough to take my lunch with me to work. On Monday I bought a can of broccolli soup thinking I would save money on the more expensive fresh soups which are three times the price. This was such a mistake. I NEVER eat canned soup and my system doesn’t take kindly to processed food. Memo to self: make some soup at the weekend and freeze it.

I’ve also been trying to get myself out of the house earlier so as I can walk to work. This is working out well, with the exception being Fridays when I want to forego my second walk and get straight home to have more weekend!



  1. I’m still using up my old ‘poo; then I’m changing to your ‘no-‘poo’ ways. Thanks for the update. ~ Linne

  2. Hi Livingsimplyfree! It’s amazing isn’t it? I have very unruly hair, so in one way am prepared to try just about anything and in the other, spend quite a lot just on “special” shampoo.

    My favourite until now had started to leave me with a lot of dandruff after about 18mths of use. I think when I get this down (and I will really keep trying) it will be so much better because firstly it’s less chemicals and secondly I can save a little more money :)

  3. Hi Linne, that’s great! I can only recommend no ‘poo so far, even though I made a big mistake with the washing soda instead of baking soda (d’oh!).

    If I were you, I would keep a liiiiitle bit of emergency old ‘poo in the bottle in case you feel the need to rinse it out at the start of the learning curve (like I did).

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