Second hand glam :)

Her are some recent second hand purchases :) Aren’t they beautiful? The jacket is vintage and was just €6.50. I think from the sixties (judging from the short boxy cut) – I love it!

The scarf is from a danish designer called Lolly’s Laundry (also second hand!) and was a whopping 30€ and my friend bought it for me as a present. I think it looks like this one I was eyeing up from COS but wouldn’t give €60 for it. Here it is marked €40, but in the shop I’m pretty sure it was marked €60.

I only wish they were from a charity shop and not from a business… but anyway :)
hamburg thrift, second hand hamburg

Recently I have been listening to the MissusSmartyPants podcasts again. If you don’t know her, she is an online stylist who hosts a weekly fashion podcast and also offers personalised style advice. I have been giving some consideration as to whether I should splurge a little and see how she would catagorise my colourings and body shape.

Where I work, there is a higher than normal demand to have good clothes and look fashionable and what I like about Missus Smartypants is that she also advocates going to second-hand stores and that having great style does not always mean that you need to buy stuff all the time (or being stick-thin!). She advises investing in key pieces. So I have been trying to get inspired and find out what staples I’m lacking in my cupboard and to try and get those together.

I have always had some issues about my personal style and feeling insecure and inadequate particularly about my clothes. Finding my own personal style and being ok with it is still a road I am on.

As a teenager, I always felt that I didn’t have the brands that my peers had. Like a lot of people, I had friends who determined what was cool to wear according to what style of music the group associated themselves with. Criticism of my appearance from my family is something I have only learned to deal with as an adult.

With time, I have learned to deflect or defend myself more, and to listen more to my own inner voice about what looks good on me, what I think is cool and to tell myself that I have nice taste and that other people should worry about themselves and not about me!

There are also other considerations for me that are becoming more important in my own wardrobe, such as respecting the planet and also the people who make our clothing and not buying cheap disposable fashion. This is a personal decision. Although, I was always someone who bought clothes when I needed them and not someone who “went shopping” as a hobby. I would describe my personal style as simple or basic and clean-cut. I love black and grey tones with colourful accents and natural fabrics.

Has deciding to live more simply/environmentally-friendly had an impact on your personal style and the clothes you wear? How do other people react to it? Do you think you’ve become more creative in your dress-sense as a result? Or has your wardrobe become more “streamlined” and simplified?



  1. Love your finds and the prices. I have never been one to worry about what other people wore, I was the one who loved to express myself in my own unique way. First becoming a mother then later embracing simplicity, I find that I care less about my clothes than ever before. I want comfort and something that lasts that’s about it. I the only things I buy new are underclothes and shoes as everyone wears their shoes differently and underclothes, okay yuck. But when buying new, where it was made and how are my priorities.

  2. Ah, interesting! Something that lasts and comfort are very high on my priority list too. I mean, if you buy it and it sits in your wardrobe because it’s uncomfortable that’s such a waste!

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