Lemon froghurt

Hello and happy St. Paddy’s day to everyone! We celebrated very low-key today in Hamburg just relaxing and had a nice meal out with a glass of non-irish stout :)

Yesterday we were grocery shopping and my boyfriend asked if we could pick up some ice-cream and I suggested that instead we could get out the ice-cream maker and make some.

I much prefer to use tried and trusted recipes for the ice-cream maker as so many recipes (and things I have tweaked and adapted) have failed. This one I saw a while back on goodfoodshared.com for a vanilla frozen yoghurt from David Leibowitz.



I thought this sounded yummy and greek lemon yoghurt is absolutely my favourite, so my twist on the recipe is slightly tweaked from the original and it set no problem.

When I’m going to be using the lemon’s rind, I do buy organic, because in the supermarkets the normal kind is marked that the peel is not intended for consumption because of some chemical it contains!:( The bowl of my Clatronic ice-cream maker needs to be frozen in the freezer for 24hours prior to usage, so it’s not something you can decide to do spontaneously.

I bought 3x 200g tubs of greek style yoghurt (they don’t sell larger ones). These were a rather pricey €1.29 each. Next time I would try with “hung” regular yoghurt (plain yoghurt that has been left to drain through a cloth for approx. 6 hours in the refrigerator). This would bring down the price to around 80c.

The original recipe calls for 720g-750g yoghurt so I had to recalculate the sugar to take into account that I only had 600g of yoghurt. This meant adding 125g of sugar. I used icing sugar. I put in about 10 drops of vanilla essence from one of the Dr. Oetker vials and the zest of one lemon. This mixture also has to be left to chill for 6 hours.


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after 20 minutes my machine started clicking because the ice cream is so solid that the paddle won’t turn anymore. That’s usually how I know it’s done! And that it won’t slide off the spoon when upside down.

It turned out wonderful, not too sweet and very creamy and flavoursome. I think relatively speaking there is not much sugar in here either. The greek yoghurt is slightly more sinful at 10% fat but by making this frozen desert yourself you do save on all the thickeners and other nasties that go into commercially produced ice-cream.

The overall cost of the icecream was not cheap: including the greek yoghurt, icing sugar and pack of lemons, it cost €5.40 and made four servings. That’s around €1.30 a serving – more than going to buy a scoop at an ice-cream café in the summer. However it did taste really fresh and delicious, I know exactly what’s in it and didn’t take much effort at all to throw together.

I will be making this again for sure with regular yoghurt.


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