Growing Spring Onions in a Vase



Here is my little onion after 2 weeks! Look at his roots! Guess I wont be needing any store bought spring onions any time soon!



  1. Do you change the water out? I tried it with regular small onions hoping for regrowth and it worked but eventually it just sort of rotted. I changed the water out every few days.

  2. yes i have been changing it every few days when it turns a little ochre-coloured. I mean, I have honestly no idea what I am doing! LOL! It’s a large spanish onion that I found at the back of our wooden vegetable cupboard – so perhaps leaving one in a dark place for a week or so would get it started with the green shoots? Maybe it was just luck!

  3. Hello, my friend! I have awarded you the “Very Inspiring Blogger” award. Please see my post today for information. (Note that you may use short answers to the seven questions; I just never know when to stop!). You SO deserve this award, for you, like the other recipients, have inspired me many times. :-) ~ Linne

  4. Hey Linne, thank you so much! I don’t have sooo much time right now to pass it on to 15 people… and a lot of my nominees would overlap yours anyway! Perhaps at the weekend :) But thank you, I don’t want to sound ungrateful at all in any way! It’s just I need more time!

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