Happy “Blogaversary” to me!

With my last post, I was happy to read a small notification that it was indeed my “blogaversary”. My blog is one year old! It stopped me right in my tracks as I thought back to this time last year how different my life was and my high hopes about starting a blog and remembering the aspirations I had as I wrote my first post.

It was my sister who suggested that I start a blog. I told her that I had an idea to try to save really hard this year after a few years of being under-employed and she suggested to start a blog to keep me focused on my goal. I think I’m not much of a natural writer, but I would love to reach out and help someone who is trying to do the same as me and that I can learn from others who have been through similar tough times.

This has been a wonderful, positive experience connecting with like-minded people from all over the world and I feel like I have achieved so much with their help – turning my life right around in a positive direction. In January this year, I already achieved my €10k savings goal and now can afford to take a 3 week holiday across the pond in May this year!

So I would like to take this chance to thank each and every person who has visited my little cyber-space soap box, generously giving me a listening ear over the last year with an extra special thank you to those who stop by regularly – you guys really make my day!

Without the discussion and audience I would not have had the focus or achieved quite so much in this short space of time – so I am so so grateful for that and for all of your help and encouragement – THANK YOU!





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