“Look after your pennies…

ten one euro cent coins
and the pounds look after themselves” was something my mom wrote onto a bag of coins when I moved into my first post-college apartment by myself as a gift.

My boyfriend has a little “rule” that you might think is kind of funny. He always has a 50c coin, two 20c coins, a 10c coin , a 5c coin, two 2c coins and a one cent coin so as that when he goes to buy groceries he won’t be handed back any change! When a friend of mine was studying in Krakow, Poland, she said to me that there it is seen as more than polite to have the exact change ready. She said, if you hand them a note without the small change they will ask don’t you have the small change and when the reply is no, they’ll grumble in some cases!

If you think about it, it means you are avoiding the chance of being short-changed :)

So what do you do with your small change? Do you save it up in a jar and bring it to the bank? For me, there is something very satisfying about getting rid of some of it where I can. In Hamburg, the public transportation ticket dispensing machines accept down to 5c coins. I like to pay for a lot of my ticket in 5c coins to get rid of them! It makes me feel like I’m getting rid of clutter :) The other place that I like to use them up is at the stamp vending machines. They even take 1 and 2c coins, but only to the amount of 13 coins in total. Often I will swing by and get a stamp to have handy at home.

Other than that, sometimes I will call into the supermarket and buy some small, cheap storecupboard essential such as tomato puree (66c) or a box of tomato passata (35c) in small change. I don’t know, somehow it feels like I’m getting rid of otherwise unusable, perfectly good money. In a way too, it feels like free money or some free food! Hehe!

Are you a saver, a hoarder or a spender when it comes to your small change?





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