Simple Sunday Roast

I prepare my Sunday roast for two in less than ten minutes and it takes about an hour and 15 mins to cook. For us it’s a little taste of home and a tradition that my boyfriend also enjoys and it means there is chicken ready for two tired people coming home from work on a monday that can be quickly made into something new. For meat eaters, it’s a lot cheaper than buying chicken breasts and is very easy for when you have some time at home to wait on the oven.

easy Roast Chicken Dinner Preparation roast chicken dinner ingredients tin foil aluminium foil

Here are the ingredients for how I cook the whole chicken:

  • 2 potatoes washed and quartered
  • 1 large carrot cut into four or five chunks
  • 1 small onion to stuff into the chicken (today I’m also being fancy by using two sun-dried tomatoes also
  • 1 cube/pot chicken stock mixed with a little hot water (i use the little Knorr pots because there is no MSG or other gunk in it although they are more expensive. Later I will reserve the chicken stock from this to make soup or freeze, so I can use it again in a way ;)
  • whatever other vegetables cut into chunks. Today it’s a green pepper, half a courgette and some cherry tomatoes
  • cooking olive oil ( I also have better “salad” olive oil which I think saves us some money rather than always using the branded stuff – see pic below)
  • salt and pepper
  1. I simply put the potatoes and carrots into one oven dish and put the chicken sitting on top. 
  2. Then I pour in the stock, pour on a little olive oil and season the chicken 
  3. Then I loosely cover the chicken with some aluminium foil (I will keep this to put leftovers in)
  4. I put the oven on at 160 C. Our oven is very powerful, so maybe this could be 180 C for a normal oven.
  5. I leave it cook in the oven for half an hour to 40mins covered and then turn it to cook for another half an hour uncovered. (I use my kitchen timer to remind me).
  6. After this half an hour is up, then I turn it again uncovered and leave it go for 15 mins. Then I cut at the leg joint to see if it looks cooked. It usually is. If not then I will cook it for another 15 mins until it is done.
cheap and expensive olive oil for cooking and salads
Left: Cheap Olive Oil for cooking
Right: Cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil for salads



One comment

  1. This looks great and easy, too! I haven’t roasted a chicken for some time, but now it’s on my list . . . ~ Linne

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