Hello dear readers, I’m sorry I took such a long break after my holiday from writing. I have been terribly disorganised and have in a way completely written June off as an absolute splurge. I have once again fallen in with the lunchtime crowd, have gone crazy eating out during our free time, decided to rush my newfound urge to re-organise and restock my wardrobe and just generally been behaving myself very badly, financially speaking. Work has been chaotic and therefore my housekeeping has fallen by the wayside.

But there’s no time like the present, and I’ve decided to turn a new leaf and find a new goal to focus my attention on. This week I aced “Anti-procrastination Wednesday” getting our dripping toilet fixed and protruding light fixture temporarily fixed and to organise having a new one installed.

I’m also going to plan my work lunches. It’s a small thing, but if I can get my regular meal planning down, then there is no reason why I can’t get it together here, particularly during the summer months when it is nice outside to sit and have a picnic at lunchtime. These I will also write on my menu planning page.

This week I have already prepared (*) two items:

  • Monday: Tabbouleh and Feta * I will add the feta just before I leave the house.
  • Tuesday: Pasta Salad and fruit *
  • Wednesday: Sandwich with Cream Cheese
  • Thursday: Lamb Kofteh and either rice salad or bread
  • Friday: Have lunch with colleagues


fast pasta salad
Quick cheaters pasta salad – added cooked short-cut pasta to pre-prepared mayonaise-based salad


quick tabbouleh lunch
Tabbouleh with bulgur and couscous, parsley and mint, olives and cherry tomatoes



It’s my boyfriend’s birthday this week and so this weekend we hit the sales to find some new shoes and some new basic t-shirts for him as a gift. I love gifts that are functional, or are something that the person really needs. I will also bake him a cake. He wasn’t so fond of the Kalter Hund cake I made last year, which I guess is more my taste than his, so I will have a go at this one from Philadelphia’s website (cheesecake is his absolute favourite).

We also had a friend over for breakfast and I made some of the fluffy pancakes (recipe in a previous post or on my recipe page I think), with berries, bacon and maple syrup. She was feeling sick a few days before so I was happy to offer her something nourishing if not ultra-calorie-infused! It’s so nice to invite friends to eat and I feel so grateful for the plenty of good friends and food that we have.





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