Hello everyone! It has been a stifling 30+ degrees most of this week in Hamburg, and I’m making babysteps getting back on the right track to saving. Some ways I saved some money this week were:

  • bringing my own lunch 4 out of 5 days this week (helped by a bit of forward planning and a bit of extra preparation on Sunday night)
  • cycling to work every morning and walking home all except one day
  • making my own hand soap for the bathroom
  • using up the small bottles of body wash before buying something new

I also got the gift of two silk shirts from a dear friend which I was thinking about buying myself and with them I can make some different new work outfits. I did however buy some new shoes and have got some compliments on wearing some old things with them. One colleague asked me if my vintage dress was from Hugo Boss! Another friend showed me a great website called “” which is a kind of a person-to-person second hand clothes shop – what a great idea! I need some new bits and pieces and don’t really want to buy everything new… not just for costs but for environmental and social reasons.

Do you have a favourite gifted piece of clothing or second hand item that you wear all the time?



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