Catching up and Getting Ahead



Good morning campers! I was so organised this morning with my made-in-advance “fruit parfait” breakfast with kefir (recipe courtesy of the Grandma’s Garden Podcast) and my pre-made lunch I even had time to catch up with my blog before I head out to work :)  The fruit parfait is essentially a layer of  yoghurt (i use fresh kefir) then a layer of frozen fruit and a layer of granola (I used muesli). The fruit seeps into the yoghurt as it melts andit is such a time-saver in the morning! It also tastes really good :) For lunch I have leftover lentil salad plus some other bits of salad.

pre-made breakfast

Amount saved? I estimate €1.00 (breakfast croissant) + €3 (salad bowl from supermarket) = €4. Not bad! And I’m about to walk to work now saving another €1.90 :)

However I have been trying to get some missing items from my wardrobe and the sales are now starting so no doubt it my little savings will be being put toward my work wardrobe. I have been looking in second-hand shops, ebay and also at full price articles. I have also considered trying to make a vintage-style dress, but the thoughts of that are so intimidating! Perhaps with a little bit of courage!


I thought I would share how the birthday cake for the birthday boy turned out, well, the gelatine didn’t really set (it comes in granules here and I think I added too little) so it turned out kind of moussey, which was also nice. I also had instant custard to use up instead of fresh custard, so I guess that also added to why it was so different, but it still tasted very good and it was all eaten by Sunday :) It was quite labour and ingredient intensive but there was no baking involved.

philadelphia cheese cake


I had also made some good old fashioned marshmallow rice crispy squares and these were SO quick to do and also no-baking. I must make them again, especially because the “dollar store” near me always have marshmallows. In the supermarket they are quite expensive.


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