Quiet Weekend before Saxony Switzerland

Hello to you all and hoping you had a nice week?

The sun is shining in my window today and while I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of a visitor-less house this weekend, I am very much looking forward to returning to Saxony Switzerland next week when my brother and sister come to visit. I was there in 2008 and I thought I would share some photos of this fabulous hidden gem in former east Germany (near the Czech border).

This will be our route:

I was here a few years ago with a friend and was so impressed by the place’s natural beauty and unusual rocky landscape.


For a group of people it is a very affordable option. For example, our lovely clean hostel for example will only cost €15 per person, per night. We will rent a canoe for all of us for the day to paddle down the River Elbe (taking the train back to Königstein), bring our own food in the car and hope for nice weather!

Koenigstein Fortress, Saxony Switzerland, Germany Photo: Wikipedia

There is a beautiful old medieval castle built high up on the hillside and a national park full of challenging climbs and beautiful views.

Saxony Switzerland National Park  Saxon Switzerland Germany Landscape Saxon Switzerland Germany Landscape

And because it is near the Czech border the bohemian beer is especially cheap and delicious :) Hopefully I will have better photos this time next week :)

Today I have been making a plan as to the things that I need to pack for us all and what kind of food and how much food we will need. I am normally just used to looking after two, so doubling it to four shouldn’t be too difficult. And definitely not forgetting something to drink too! It is a 5 hour car journey. Luckily my sweetie doesn’t mind driving us :)


If anyone has any easy to prepare dinner ideas for hosteling, I’m all ears! There is a kitchen that has a hob and an oven.




  1. Have a fantastic trip, these picture are gorgeous I can’t wait to see what pictures you take this time. If you have an oven, home made pizzas on pita bread are easy and everyone can add what they want if you have a couple of toppings available,and inexpensive.

  2. Oh thank you! right now I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good weather, it is bucketing down here this evening. But there’s still some time for it to pick up again:)

  3. Pizza was definitely one of the hostellers go-to dinners. We opted to barbecue instead and everyone loved it, especially for my brother and sister who rarely get the chance to do it back home since our summers are so short. It’s a good idea for indoors if the weather hadn’t have been so nice.

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