Getting back up on the horse…

Happy Sunday to you all, I hope you’re having a great day? Today I’m not doing so much, just preparing a few little things for next week and a couple of housekeeping bits and bobs. For example…

Throwing a few things into the suitcase for next weekend…

yes, you noticed right, those are flipflops and rain-jackets! LOL!

Other than that I have been trying to get my good habits going again, I have had no home made washing liquid for months now and am on my second bag of washing powder :( i also bought hand-wash because i wasn’t organised enough to make any. Dreadful stuff.

There’s nothing for it now, except to get inspired and get back up on that horse!

I have also discovered that I have been neglecting the EEBA budgeting app that I downloaded for myphone (and was going gangbusters with for about a year!). I only discovered this while searching for last years bus ticket sum total to submit with my tax returns. I saw that I did not in fact use EEBA at the time but YNAB and had to download it again to be able to check the figure. YNAB is free to try and EEBA is free, so I thought I would have a look at YNAB more closely and see if it is more fun to use and therefore worth forking out for. These things are always a habit you need to develop, (I have broken the habit recently), but I will report back on this at the end of the trial to tell you what I think. Already it has jolted me into thinking about my wayfaring budget again, so that’s a good start!

The other thing that is lingering in my mind at the moment is another travel goal. I had a fun reminder of this reading SFT’s latest post. She has just booked her flights for her trip to Japan next year, which is the place I too would love to visit next.

I opened my Tripadvisor map of the world of the places I’ve been this morning. It looks a little something like this:

places p has been
Orange denotes places I have been, and green places I would like to go to.

In Europe, (surfing in) Lisbon and (visiting temples in) Athens top my list and from a world point of view my next trip I hope will be to Asia. I find SFT’s blog really inspiring and this is spurring me on to make those changes and reign in that budget and get planning on globetrotting again :) Yesterday instead of vegging out in front of the gogglebox we switched to watch videos from the Japanese tourist board’s website to try to get an idea of what we would like to do. I had always thought that we could go to Japan as a honeymoon trip… but… why wait until then – whenever that will be!

Then the travel bug has well and truly bitten, I saw some wonderful photos from a friend who visited a tiny village in the south of Italy called Matera which somehow got into my subconscious and I had a dream about a wonderful exotic seaside holiday where there were beautiful giant statues in the sea. I didn’t want to wake up! I think visualisation is a very powerful thing, so I am surrounding myself with images and plans to make sure my dreams materialise :) And feeding my sealed pot of course :) Where would you ideally love to visit next?

The other thing that I have been focusing on, while falling off my saving bandwagon has been diverting funds to a working wardrobe with the assistance of MissusSmartyPants. I am doing SO well, and have made a mammoth effort but I still have oh-so very far to go with just amassing the list of basics. I badly need a new medium-sized lightweight handbag in a neutral colour and good quality. the weight is a very important point for me because I have shoulder issues.

Every Sunday I lay out my clothes and try to make different outfits out of them for the upcoming week. Really, it only takes 5 mins of my time and I have found that I am getting way more creative with what’s in there and not just wearing the same old jeans and tshirt combo. I have noticed that I look very different than my colleagues, but this doesn’t bother me. I work in a creative environment and I think it’s probably a good thing to have my own style :) I will share some discoveries I have made in making outfits in my next post :)



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