Kartoffel 3 mal (potato three ways)

potato three ways

I don’t buy a very large bag of potatoes because my boyfriend doesn’t like them (only roasted or gratin), and I usually have a hard time using them up before they go off. A small net of organic potatoes is often still quite a challenge for me to get through! So while waiting for the dinner to cook, along with some roast potatoes for today’s dinner (bottom dish) I also whipped up, a small potato salad (top right) just with olive oil, raspberry vinegar, a sprinkle of frozen herbs, mustard and brown sugar and the top left is a mixed lentil, potato, carrot and lardon stew (i find this just as delicious cold as hot). These two dishes can be easily taken with me to work, and if I don’t fancy taking the stew to work I can freeze it. No wasted spuds here this week!


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