Shop Your Wardrobe

MissusSmartyPants (I am a fan of) often says “Shop Your Wardrobe”. One thing that I don’t have enough of on my basic wardrobe list, are simple, classic skirts. But this is not to say that I don’t have any skirts at all, it’s just that I don’t wear them. they are tucked away somewhere in my wardrobe to be kept “good” or just forgotten about. Recently that I have been playing around with making outfits in my wardrobe for work out of things I already have and have been getting more ideas for what I could do with these forgotten about (but quite lovely) pieces.

Take for example this beautiful skirt that was a gift from my aunt who is a good foot taller than me.

awkward skirt length
although this skirt is in my colour palette, it is a bit busy for a bottom-heavy C body type also. I would therefore wear it with a cowl-neck or boat neck top ideally to balance the top of me out again.

I have never been able to part with it because I find the pattern and colour so beautiful. It is cut on the bias and is very flattering, however, as you can see the length does nothing for me (but with some nice boots it would be ok again). So I don’t want to cut it but want to wear it short for early autumn… why not do what we did in secondary school? Roll it! LOL!

rolling up your skirt

rolled up bulge
ok so there is a bulge here with this pink top but i would intend to wear something loose over it
cardigan over skirt
for example even this little cardigan hides the flaw

With the right cardigan or chunky knit thrown over it, nobody will even notice it’s rolled up. I won’t be wearing it today because it’s to be sunny today, but it’s an idea to keep for later.


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