Visitor Season Comes to a Close…

Good afternoon and a happy Sunday to you all! I hope it’s a nice restful, peaceful day for all of you. My boyfriend and I are just chilling out at home after leaving our last round of guests, that being his mother, aunt and uncle to the airport. It’s always hard saying goodbye, even if we may be home for Hallowe’en which is just a few weeks away really. It hasn’t got any easier over the years either.

I can’t really compare them to those unwanted guests, only maybe to say that it was like a parallel universe compared to a few weeks ago. It is nion to impossible to put your hand in your pocket with them, and even if you think you can treat them to dinner I usually find a gift of money in an envelope hidden in a book in my room when they’re gone! They are so sweet but it’s completely unnecessary and each time it is more and more money.

We had beautiful weather while they were here and enjoyed an open-top bus ride together around the city . One of our guests has difficulty walking for long distances, so it was just perfect. They all enjoyed the history of the city and the harbour, the modern architecture of the new docklands area and the warm summer air.

We were going to go out and have a long walk followed by some brunch to properly mark the end of visitor season, but then our favourite café was closed due to a family bereavement. So we just walked home and made home-made sandwiches and enjoyed that too.

During our long walk, we broached the subject of traveling to Japan next year which is very exciting! My boyfriend suggested that we start a little online course in Japanese together or something to try to have a little bit of the language for getting around and I mentioned that there is a route from Hamburg to Shanghai once a week and suggested a stopover there. Exciting stuff! I will be feeding my sealed pot and reading SFT’s blog for an extra portion of motivation ;)



  1. SFT is rather inspirational in the travel department, thats for sure. Although our sealed pot is saved for Christmas I do have a separate travel account we have been feeding every week just like the pot. We are travelling to Europe, likely Italy plus one other country in the Spring. Planning has just begun. So nice for you to have a nice relaxed family visit. Cheers!

  2. Ooh, Italy is a nice choice! It is also absolutely budget friendly if you veer more towards eating hot meals in Osterias and Trattorias rather than restaurants, sitting indoors and telling the waiters/waitresses that you don’t need any extra bread etc, (we found that they charge you for everything they bring you.)

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