Bento Mania!

As my lunchbox disappeared from its usual spot after a certain set of guests from a few weeks ago, I needed to get a new one quickly.  I didn’t mind getting a slightly more expensive one because if it was cute, it would encourage me to take more home-made meals to work. I was thinking about this one from Black & Blum but needed one more urgently and invested in this one from Muji. I just love the divider!
Leftovers Bento

This morning I proudly present my first Bento attempt made with the very little odds and ends that are in the fridge: Yellow Peppers, Broccoli and walnuts with mozzarella and tomato. I didn’t have time to do a full grocery shop since the last visitors were only here for Saturday which is my shopping day. I have to say I had so many other ideas for bentos while putting it together, I got very excited about it all of a sudden! LOL!

tea egg cracks, cooking with leftovers tea egg steeping

I read over on the wonderful Cooking Cute blog about making tea eggs, which sounded really interesting because I love anything that you can make with leftovers! The dark liquid you see was made from the “juice” of a leftover teabag and a leftover sachets of soy sauce. Basically you just hard-boil the egg (i added in an extra egg along with my breakfast this morning), crack the shell a bit with the back of a teaspoon and leave it to steep in the tea mixture and it comes out a beautiful marbled effect if done correctly. I think I went a bit overboard with the cracking for my first attempt :) I wonder how it will taste! It’s all oddly fascinating for me at the moment! But I’m enjoying it! :D


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