Weekend is here again!

Hello friends, I hope you had a wonderful week? This past week was very very busy for me, as reflected in my menu planning and wardrobe planning pages. I was so glad i had pre-prepared outfits, but my menu planning went absolutely out the window and we reverted to frozen pizzas and crisp sandwiches! Terrible!

In between, I ended up at a very posh party that I wasn’t invited to, where i still had to try to do some work at … that was awkward!!! But glad I was wearing something fairly decent. Everyone else was in fancy frocks! Moving on swiftly…

The end of September is always the time that I have to organise a birthday package for my folks back home. It’s convenient they all have their birthdays at the same time, and I know they look forward to receving a special parcel from Germany. I have a good idea for this year, I want to buy something they need, will have and use for a long time – nice new slippers. I will do up a little “feet treat” box with different little things for them to enjoy.

My dad really loved getting hard-soled slippers about 5 years ago. They look a bit like this (same brand), but half-open:

In the meantime, their newly adopted little furry family member who they love very much, has since chewed the top part to bits. The bottom part has amazingly remained intact! My mum’s didn’t stand a chance, as they were made from soft felt and cotton.

Both my parents love to walk around the garden in their slippers, so hard-soled ones are very practical for them – and they can’t be bought at home, just something cloggy or birkenstocky or indoor-only padded. I hope that this time of year that I can get something a bit funky for them. Wish me luck!


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