Trip to Bremen

Bremen Riverside Walkway

Hello dear readers, these are some pictures from Bremen this morning. We decided to spontaneously take a break there because we had an extra long weekend due to a national holiday, the “Day of German Reunification”. It was a toss up between Berlin and Bremen and Berlin seeming to be very hard to get a reasonably priced room in a hotel, we decided to finally visit the Hanseatic city of Bremen as it may be less busy and more budget-friendly on this occasion.

Bremen is only an hour from Hamburg, and is as I would describe it, a smaller and more traditional Hamburg. There were plenty of tourists, Russians, Americans, English and Irish and the locals were friendly. Our hotel was not at all budget-friendly, but we did want to use a pool and sauna and have a king-size bed and a big spoil-yourself breakfast :S

Bremen Town Hall Square

Boettcher Street, Bremen

The town-hall marketplace was very sweet, and we had dinner in a japanese restaurant (not the most budget-friendly choice in this case, but there were plenty of free seats and we were very hungry!)  A better choice would have been the adjacent Schuettinger brewery, where pub-grub was in generous portions and delicious looking and smelling. Another little gem was the Café Knigge with absolutely amazing looking cakes, particularly the Kapuziner cake.


It was so nice to get away from it all, it did us a world of good after the manic last two weeks at work and our sights are firmly set on more saving and travel, after a little splurge this weekend :)



  1. I haven’t made it to Bremen yet. Or much of anywhere really. I have got to make an effort next year to explore Germany a bit more. I should probably start making a list. Glad you’re having a nice few days break – sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered.

  2. I’m sure you will Moonwaves, there are some really lovely little spots and there are actually other ways to get around rather than the ever-more-expensive german rail. There is, for example, a bus service called “Berlin Linien Bus” from Berlin to Hamburg, that if you book a month costs 9€ each way. Which is less than the price of a carpool.

    The HLX intercity train service from Hamburg to Cologne also has some very cheap tickets (around 18€ one way) and also the bus service run by Eurolines also has some good offers, if you book well enough in advance.

    If I had the time, I would love to see more of Bavaria and “hike” into Austria via Fuessen. I always enjoy even just a little cycle or a walk into the forest :)

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