At last… a slow cooker!

Hello friends, and an especially warm welcome to two new followers, Bombladoze and Rebecca Anne :) I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week, I have just got through week 2 of my physio and my shoulder is feeling so much better already. I’ve been feeling so grateful this week for all the help to make me better and have been doing great.

Coming up this week at work we have an annual charity event which this year is going to be a kind of an auction-style affair where we will be offering items to be auctioned and the money going to a good cause. Most people seem to be offering unwanted gifts, and I have rooted through my belongings and cannot find a suitable object to give, so I had considered making a traditional irish hallowe’en barmbrack. I have never made one before, so am absolutely going to make a test version first!

Right now I have some darjeeling tea steeping and cooling in the kitchen. When it’s cool, I will soak some dried raisins and sultanas in it overnight and then I will be ready to go. It was honestly quite hard to get a recipe for an authentic looking brack, many of which seem to look more like our traditional-style wedding cake or a fruit loaf. It is kind of like an ordinary soft white bread with raisins and currants in it that tastes a little bit sweeter and has a kind of a “glazed” effect on the top. It tastes delicious toasted with some butter. I have decided to base it on this recipe as many of them don’t use yeast which I thought was fairly  I’m not entirely sure if darjeeling will be strong enough to give a strong enough tea flavour but I thought it might be nice and fragrant.

I have been working so hard recently on such mind-numbingly boring jobs that my work kindly gave me some amazon vouchers. I put these to good use and purchased my long-awaited slow cooker as well as an e-book with lots of ideas for meals. My first meal from it will be a sweet potato and carrot soup (not a recipe from the e-book). I love that the slow cooker is so much more energy efficient than having the hob on. I often say to my boyfriend that our poor oven had no idea what was about to hit it when we moved in! LOL!

Slow Cooker

A friend of mine who is a slow cooker / crockpot convert sent me this link to even more recipes! I have got to make the Shio Ramen Noodles after the “leftovers” of our next roast chicken dinner.

In other news, I have been chipping away at relining my not-quite-depths-of-winter coat all week and am so proud of my work! It is not perfect but it looks so much better now. I will get at least one more season out of it if I give it a good brush:)

How I did it? I carefully took the panels of the original lining apart using the stitch ripper, and used these as a template, numbering them as I went along. I traced around them leaving 2cm of seam allowance, cut all the panels out again and beginning in the middle sewed them back up using the sewing machine. To put them back into the coat I hand sewed this large panel in and then did the sleeves at the very last. Now it looks like this:

ligning a coat

I was so pleased with the results of this”project”, it really gave me more confidence to take on more clothing projects and maybe even try to make my own top or something using an old top as a template :)


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