Sealed Pot Challenge : Results 2013

Sealed Pot Challenge

Hello hello!

I haven’t written in a long time, I know, I had some visitors last week and have been a bit out of sorts.

Firstly, as you can see from the picture above, today’s the day for the tot-up of the Sealed Pot Challenge over on SFT’s (Saving for Travel) blog :) December comes around so quickly! Every year you can join in with the challenge and stash away any extra pennies towards a particular goal and on a certain day we open them all and count up how much we saved. It’s a really nice way to catch some of that money that otherwise seems to fritter its way into nothingness and let you have something that you wanted for yourself. I find SFT’s blog really inspiring not just for saving and traveling but for staying motivated and focused on your goal.

This year I would say I managed a C+, the goal was to put away 2€ a week, which I thought I managed to do but in fact I came away a little short. Not to matter, I will put it towards some new simple jersey bedlinen that I have wanted to have for a long time :) It’s a little “Happy Christmas” to myself :) A lot of our bedlinen has been gifted to us, and although we were happy to receive the present (that we needed at the time), they don’t really match and aren’t really my taste. They will be washed and put in the charity collection dispensers.

Another little funny thing is that out of the coppers saved I was able to bundle them up into amounts I can put in the stamps machine and this will pay for christmas postage. Putting €3 – €4 in coppers to work is not too shabby either! The little paper Poinsettia flower is what I am sending as cards this year. I’m hoping that they will get reused as a decoration by the recipient! (I did not cut them out myself, I bought them in a craft-shop). Am I the only person who loves getting rid of coppers? Somehow I see it more like clutter that just sits around but it really adds up!



  1. Fun to open up that pot, eh? I haven’t gotten around to opening mine yet, but soon! I’ve already signed up for next year’s challenge, too. I love your little poinsettias. That’s a great card idea, too . . . ~ Linne

  2. Thanks Linne! I hope you enjoy the surprise of opening your sealed pot :) The poinsettias were a little bit fiddly to fold, but I think they look quite nice and I have SO many left over that I can use them to decorate the apartment with too :)

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