Being able to share how I got this far… a real-life example

Hello dear readers, I hope the past week was full of excitement leading up to the holiday season. We celebrated with our annual Christmas party at work on Thursday (it was a Hawaii-themed party this year) and have the other one tonight. Great! No cooking or washing up in our house this evening either :)

It wasn’t an altogether positive week however, with the company I work for laying off many of its staff just days before the party. It’s been quite a turbulent time to say the least, and while I was fortunate enough to keep my job, it’s really hard to see the others “relive” what I went through two Christmases ago. The worry and anxiety, the uncertainty, the rumours, the rash decisions. In the middle of it all, I was able to jump in and help a nice colleague out who I saw about to make the same mistake as I did back then. A week ago, I watched this video on depression and there is one part where he likens getting professional help to being in the situation where you’re a pilot who needs to be helped over radio-control in order to land the plane. This week, I was able to be that voice over the radio for another person.

What happened was that everyone who had been let go (except this particular colleague) immediately left the office and didn’t come back in. I call this the “last rat on the sinking ship syndrome”. This colleague was coerced into working out the end of her contract. When she discovered what the others had done (left her to be the last) she was angry and felt foolish. She’s normally a confident, sweet girl but over the next day or so started visibly shaking and biting her nails. She didn’t come to the party because she felt so sick in her stomach and wasn’t sleeping. It was such a sorry sight and I felt terrible for her when she told me these things.

It took half a day’s “argument” with her that wanting to leave immediately too doesn’t make her a bad person or affect her reference (I recognize this “logic” too). I explained to her calmly what happened me two years ago and would not like to see this reapeted to her. She maintained that once she was out of the building she just knew she would feel better. I helped to give her the words and the encouragement she needed to march into the office and say she had made a mistake and she also would like to leave immediately. Of course it wasn’t a problem for the managers. But I know the symptoms of seeing this wall of seemingly impossible problems and I still battle with it myself.

From: Boggle the Owl Facebook Site
From: Boggle the Owl Facebook Site

It was great to be able to put what I’d learned to good use to help another person out with it. So good. I didn’t see her since but I just got a message from her thanking me and it sounds like she feels much better and free to move on.



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