Milk-Kefir + Juice

Good morning!

Just a quick post before I dash out the door to work, to show you a wonderful way to use up milk-kefir, which is to add it to some juice. I was in a Japanese restaurant in Dublin and I saw they were offering Kefir with Apple + Beetroot (what I’m drinking this morning), Aloe-Vera or Pineapple + Orange Juice. It tastes really good and is not just as thick as a smoothie. They were also offering the grains for sale for a whopping €9!


In the glass I put a quarter Kefir, a bit more than two-quarters apple juice and just under a quarter of beetroot juice. They are direct-pressed juices because I don’t have a juicer. It’s a nice way to get some calcium and probiotics as well as some vitamins in the morning and the added benefit of using up some of my ever-increasing supply of kefir :)

Kefir + Juice


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