Finally doing something I’ve always wanted to do

Freundschaftsband_1_links_03Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. I have been doing some serious “feeding the soul” this weekend which was a relief since last week in work I got some news that to cut a long story short means more work being put onto my shoulders, but was thankful for it because it is some extra encouragement for me to feel right about leaving my current situation. So many times in my life I have felt forced to decide one way or another and take the very first thing to come to me, but thankfully, not this time. My next step will be only chosen by me, in my own sweet time.

My big news this week is that I decided to finally sign up to be a sponsor for a child in the developing world. I have wanted to do this since I knew it was possible and have experience a lot of resistance as to how I could afford to do it but I’m very sure I can make the €28 a month available. It will be a little Egyptian girl and I can’t wait to get started! I’m really very excited about this :) My 2014 resolution to be more charitable is kicking off well :)

This weekend I visited the museum of Ethnology, which did me the world of good :) There was a real Maori meeting house, an exhibition on the native peoples of America and a wonderful exhibition of the masks of the South Seas. The handicraft is so wonderful and inspiring. My favourite piece was a beautiful shimmering green necklace from the Island of New Britain. It was made from tiny pearls made from a beetle.

If you do read my menu plan page, and were wondering why last week’s entry was not there it’s becuase I was seriously disorganised which means a LOT of vegetables to use up, so much so that I didn’t have to buy any this week :S It’s not a bad thing, I LOVE my veggies but it’s just hard to use them up before they go off.

I also mean to update my wardrobe planning page with some wardrobe-expanding purchases that I made recently but the light has been so poor in the mornings I haven’t got around to posting them yet.

My sealed pot is going well this week with €7 going in! Not too shabby!

I wish you all a peaceful weekend and a great start in the new week.

– P



  1. Sounds like a good weekend. Depending on what kind of veg you have, if you think you won’t get to use it all up, you could make some veg hash to put into the freezer to use as a base for soups and things. Sue, from Our New Life in the Country posted about it here: and I saw something similar on Mortgage Free in 3 once, where she keeps a silicon muffin tray in her freezer and puts leftovers into it, even small amounts that won’t make a full portion – they might not make a meal in themselves but can be used as the base for something else. Once they’re frozen they can be moved from the tray into a ziploc bag or container. Sigh. Wish I had a bigger freezer but one day.

  2. great idea Moonwaves! Hopefully I will get to them on time, i love to eat them fresh just as they are… and my freezer isn’t very well at the moment so I’m clearing it out.

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