Cold Snap

-11 It is freezing outside- for readers across the pond, that’s 13 degrees Fahrenheit. Tonight we use my Christmas present, which is a trip to the local theatre, which thankfully is not far away from the apartment. I think of all the people who have sat on a bus all day to see the production and must arrive excited but tired and hungry and now cold. Before that we will have our wonderful-smelling dinner that is in the oven right now and have a glass of something sparkly at the matinee :)

Yesterday we were at a friend’s birthday party, she just turned 30 and it was a really lovely party full of down-to-earth, funny, open people. Some faces we knew, and some we didn’t. It’s always lovely to meet new people. I always think that nice people know nice people.

I have made a small start on my portfolio (babysteps!), and plan to do a little more tomorrow as I will be in early and can use the equipment in work while I wait on the others to arrive. Tomorrow morning I have an early appointment to hopefully exchange my driver’s license for a German one. Apparently once it is still valid and you have the relevant documentation and of course the fee, it can be exchanged. That would save me a lot of money flying home to be told that since I’m non-resident I can’t have it renewed.

Another urgent matter to take care of is to go to the consulate and try to get my passport renewed. That will be a new experience! So today was spent trying to find a working passport photo machine in the bitter cold. During the week the one in the main shopping centre was closed.  The photo did NOT come out good as you can imagine, but as long as it fits the criteria for these new-fangled biometric passports I don’t really care. Nobody ever sees it :)

My sealed pot has been well fed for the week, although I haven’t made any more of an attempt at researching our trip for next year. I’m thinking of starting another sealed pot for my sponsor child, it will be her ninth birthday in October :)

So for now we’re having hot food, wrapping up warm and staying indoors as much as possible! Hope you’re all staying warm too :)





  1. Passports and driving licences always seem to be such a pain to renew or change. My boss, who is a Rechtsanwältin and Steuerberaterin, signed my passport application for me a couple of years ago – so much handier than having to try to explain to my doctor why it’s needed. I’d also just recommend that you check your photographs exactly against the dimensions on the form – apparently our biometric isn’t quite the same as everyone else’s biometric. Or at least when I got photos done in a Foto Studio here (taking no chances on a machine) he did what he said was standard for biometric and they were sent back to me and I had to get them re-done. Or maybe I just have an oddly shaped head!

  2. oh no! i’m hoping that doesn’t happen me. I did it in one of the machines that said “biometric passport photographs” and put my hair behind my ears, no smiling etc. There was a certain height for your eyes marked on the screen. I hope it doesn’t get sent back to me. It turns out that the accountant in the company I work for can sign for it too, and she is (thankfully) willing to do it.

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