If at first you don’t succeed…

Hello, hello! It’s an easy crockpot Sunday here, the dinner is simmering away in the kitchen. It’s a new recipe that I have never tried before that has:

  • diced beef
  • mushrooms
  • sweet potato
  • beef stock
  • red wine
  • sage and thyme and two bay leaves

It smells very good :) And I’ll serve some spinach with it. It’s been simmering on the highest setting for 6 hours now.

Last weekend was wonderful but was quite a lot to do in one weekend so this weekend, we planned less to do, particularly for today. Yesterday we did some much-needed clothes shopping (mostly for my boyfriend) and we went to a beautiful-looking café that I had passed by many times. What I find really funny about lunchtime on Saturdays in Germany is that some people are eating breakfasty-looking things, some are having cake and coffee (like us) and some are onto beers already :) In this particular café, a large platter of oysters shared among groups of friends seemed to be “de rigeur” ;)

Today I worked on my job application a little bit which feels so undescribably GOOD to get that underway and off my chest :) I need to just keep doing little bits. I tidied up around the house a little bit this afternoon and set out my outfits for the week (I updated my wardrobe planning page :) ) I even have some MaPo Tofu leftovers in my lunchbox for tomorrow.

Last week I wanted to make a real stab at getting my passport and drivers licence renewed. However, when cross-checking the form I read that the doctor (my witness) had mistakenly signed the form in the wrong place. I called the embassy to try my luck and see if it will do, but it turns out that this is a big deal and I have to do it all over again :( It’s better though than waiting weeks to have my application rejected and be without a passport for all that time.

For the driver’s licence, we drove early on Monday morning to the government motor “taxation” offices, but couldn’t access the building because there were roadworks all the way around with no diversion instructions. Grrr! We ran out of time driving around and I missed my appointment. But I can’t give up! No passport means no holidays!

I will go another day and leave more time to find my way in. And I found out that it is possible that an accountant in the place where I work can sign the documents to be my witness for the passport, I just need a few minutes to make some personal phonecalls during work hours to see if this would be acceptable. I have learned about myself that I get very caught up in feeling “busy” or allowing myself to feel so busy that I can’t do the things that I need to be doing for me! I have set an alarm in my calendar to tell me it’s time to go home and get my things done that need doing.

As a last thought, I think that there is no paycheque sweeter than February’s! I stocked up on household essentials (new toothbrushes, toilet rolls, shampoos, etc.) and have to behave myself a little bit now because I went a bit crazy eating out since Saturday :) But it feels good to get over January :) Doesn’t it?


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