Busy as a…


Hello there! I’ve been very quiet because I was out of action with the cold the last week. But this weekend I made up for that with a screen printing course just for a bit of creative fun and to use my hands :) It was wonderful using all the colourful inks and getting my hands dirty! I printed these beavers (that I photographed in Canada and sketched with ink) onto both paper and material and plan to make some gifts with these little guys :) The other ladies were VERY organised, with rolls of material packed in little luggage trollies and had lots of patterns to print. Hats off to them! And they were so very inspirational!

Valentines day was lovely, we had a spontaneous simple meal in a very low-key family restaurant.

I invested in a good pillow this week, it’s kind of wedge-shaped and cost a ridiculous amount of money that I’m even embarrassed to mention anonymously! LOL! I’m not sure it was worth the price but my other pillow *had to go* asap. I think it wasn’t helping my shoulder. Because of that absurdly large expense I have been reluctant to take part in this week’s challenge of getting another wardrobe staple. I do however have my eyes on a lovely petrol-blue beret on Kleiderkreisel, which at €2 wouldn’t break the bank :) My sealed pot also got his weekly feed :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I hope you’re all well.




  1. I just love screen printing but haven’t had a go since school. We invested in Tempur pillows a couple of years back and as they say you get what you pay for, cost loads but an investment purchase. Much better than buying lots of cheap ones which lack oomph after 5 minutes. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. oh there were loooots of fuzzy ones too! i also like those as well, there is a sort of charm to the “imperfect” ones.

  3. what i bought is something like Tempur but in a wedge shape. It’s taking a bit of getting used to, but I’m going to stick with it! Thanks for your comment ;)

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