Getting to Work

StadtRad Hamburg

Yay! Cycling weather is here again! I cycle for free to work (when I can) with the citybike scheme. It’s free to use for the first 30mins and really saves me cash on busfares that are unavoidable in the colder weather, usually November to February when the snow comes. The busfare has gone up again, and now it’s €2 a pop. This time of year all you need is a pair of gloves and something to wipe the seat down with if there’s been some rain, and you’re ready to go.

The only thing about the citybike scheme is that it’s first come, first served so if you’re late getting out of work the chances of getting a bike are slim. Perhaps I should invest in a new (used) bicycle. After my second bicycle was stolen I decided it was a bit of a waste of time and thought I’d see how it went with just using the citybike. The added benefit of extra exercise is also something I’m looking forward to.


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