A whole week off! Bliss!

Hello! I sort of disappeared there for a while, but everything’s ok! It was a hard last few weeks at work, but I have a whole week off now. It was so hard in fact that I decided about three weeks ago to stop drinking caffeinated coffee and to stop eating sugar to calm down a little bit. I’m doing good, havent had any bad cravings and I think it has helped a lot for me to keep my cool – most days. That being said for the first two weeks my digestive system did NOT want to co-operate, which was quite surprising, but now I feel great.
I had sort of hoped at the beginning of January to have moved on by now from where I am working, but I’m still working on that. Leaving a situation where I am unhappy always takes a lot of courage and a lot of time from me, but I’ll get there.  This upcoming week is a great opportunity for me to sit down and prepare my applications.

When I say “week” I have other things planned of course :) The first project is ripping up the scuzzy carpet and putting down a click-floor in the back room. I had hoped to do this last year and make it our bedroom since it faces the garden and is not on the street .But between visitors and what have you there was never the couple of days needed to sort it out.

I have some new clothing purchases which I will post on my Wardrobe planning page and have been buying a lot more second hand bits and pieces that I thought I would, which is great because I’m not spending so much money. A tip for buying new online is to have a quick google to see if a voucher code is available before pressing “checkout”. I saved €5 on my new runners for a 20 second investment of time! I have been planning a spring wardrobe but haven’t made any big purchases just yet.

Mother’s day is coming up and I had a chat with my grandmother who says that I shouldn’t go to the expense of sending flowers and gifts, that everyone has what they need and in fact more than I do and that she would be happier if I would take care of myself. I argued back, saying, “well if I sent nothing at all you’d both be disappointed”. What she said did resonate with me a little bit, so I sent her a hand-made card. Sometimes I take things that she says all the time and make a little card based on that theme. It always makes her laugh! My mum also got a handmade card, a customised printed teatowel that I made for her at the printing course I did and some fancy footcream that I bought in a kind of a hamper and kept for her.

Do you do anything special for mother’s day that you’d like to share?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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