The end of a whole week off

Hello! I had a productive and exciting week off, not really what you’d call restful. It began with the laying of the long-awaited new click-floor for the bedroom:

2014-03-24 17.45.53
ok, it’s just pretty standard clickfloor, but I’m excited about it! The yellow tone really brightens the room up! Even though you can’t really see it in this pic with the dull evening light.
2014-03-23 12.18.17
This is the old, stained blue carpet that was down before

Then I travelled by train to Duisburg to visit some friends. I took the cheaper HKX train, which is a private train company that runs between Hamburg and Cologne. It was the first time I’d used it. The ticket was €18, and I had been warned that the trains were very old. I kind of like those old-style compartment trains where the seats are in separate “cabins” of groups of 6. I packed a flask thinking that there would be no on-board bistro the way there is on the regular Deutsche Bahn trains. On the way over there was a coffee service (which I slept through!). On the way back at night there was nothing. The train was packed and quite warm, but it was comfortable enough obviously for me to sleep through the coffee service on the way over. I would definitely take it again because the journey time is the same as the more expensive InterCity train, but put a cool drink in my thermos next time ;)

2014-03-27 11.34.16
At the next station the peace and quiet of the empty cabin was soon over! LOL!

As gifts I brought my friend’s kids over some Easter Eggs like we know from home and rolled them with them down their slide in the garden. Those large chocolate eggs with sweets inside are not known here in Germany so when I saw them for sale in the english-foods shop I couldn’t resist. The smaller Kinder Surprise eggs are very well known and a year-round treat, and there are other chocolate egg brands like milka and lindt. They thought it was very strange to roll those big foil-covered chocolate eggs, since to them, easter eggs are real eggs (and some chocolate ones) are found in the garden! But they had great fun doing this tradition a little bit different. And there’s chocolate at the end! Who’s not to love that?

So now I’m wondering what to do for Easter, since we have some free days and can TRAVEL a little bit :) Do you do something special for the Easter break (if you get one in your part of the world)? Normally I like to take a long walk in nature, weather permitting! We won’t have so long, so I’m thinking Holland (5hrs drive) or the Harz region(4hrs drive). We’ll be back in Denmark for Mayday, staying in a Hytter (a kind of wooden hut/shed/cabin) so, I can hold off on Denmark until then ;) Any ideas are greatly appreciated!


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