Sunny, peaceful Sunday

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing really well. Spring is finally here, and although it’s still a little chilly i’m happy to say that the leaves are back on the trees and the flowers are blooming :) It’s wonderful, it really lifts the spirits, especially after such a hard week last week.


My first week back after my break was in a word: pandemonium. I worked 72 hours the whole week and I was utterly exhausted, also feeling more irritated and oversensitive to the behaviors of certain hard to deal with coworkers. This weekend I’ve been trying to recuperate from that week, mentally, physically, emotionally and even financially! (I ate out every day, only had dinner one day and one day with a proper breakfast, took taxis home…)

So to begin this week correctly I have a tray full of oven roast veg in the oven (veg chopped “rustically” with some stock + water on the bottom and a few glugs of olive oil on the top, mixed dried herbs and salt and pepper. Sorry it’s a little blurry but the colours come through just fine ;)


This will serve as my lunch mixed in with some cooked pasta tomorrow and I’m happy to eat that hot or cold. Only snacking for a whole week really made me appreciate how lovely it is to have a warm meal!

For Easter we had thought about going away to Holland, this particular place caught my eye, it’s just my kind of place. While I think I really do need some quiet-time I think I will concentrate on finding a new job during these few days off. I have already started thinking about interview outfits to have ready and have updated my wardrobe (you can see my newest purchases on my “wardrobe planning” page). Anyway, we have booked a holiday “hut” on a danish island called “Orø” for the may bank holiday weekend. Denmark is really lovely, slow paced and lots of nature. Let’s hope the weather will be nice!

This weekend I also organised some birthday presents and some home-made cards to go with them. I will post them tomorrow at some stage.

I’ve been steadily putting away money into my sealed pot and it is already quite a weight! On it is written “Japan 2014”, so I’m extra excited to see how SFT enjoys her trip there this week. We hope to be there this time next year :) Hope you all have a great week!


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