image Last Week in Denmark

Our Hut

Hi folks! And welcome to Mel for following my little blog!

Last weekend was the May Day long weekend and back in February I booked us a hytte or hut in Denmark.

We drove to the island of Orø, which requires a ferrytrip to get there (about 200 kr for a car and two people return). The island is located in the Isefjord and there is a lot of bird and wildlife and a nice coastal route to follow around the island for long walks. The perfect escape for peace and quiet, and the weather was fresh but sunny. I didn’t take my camera for the walks, sorry! I was really enjoying being “offline” :)

We invited two friends and we had a wonderful time together. You can see our barbecue was out the front, but the first day it was far too cold to bbq, so we opted for some ravoli cooked on the hob!

We drove over the Great Eastern Belt bridge rather than taking the ferry from Puttgarden to Roedby. The toll for the bridge came to a whopping €63, but they did take visa and it was easy and quick. Perhaps it would have been cheaper to take the ferry! In any case it’s an amazing bridge, 18km long.

The rest of our break was very relaxing. The only thing that wasn’t so relaxing was that there is no ATM on the island that will dispense cash using a visa card, in case you need a topup on groceries/need a ferry ticket back. Luckily we had just enough kroner to scrape together the bill and had brought plenty of groceries to cover us! (Lesson learned from our last trip to Denmark!)

To be out in nature really recharges the ole batteries, and my boyfriend and I are now seriously considering updating our humble tent and turning our summer holiday into an all-out camp challenge which we have never done before :S

Campsite main building
This is the main building of the campsite, there is a well-equiped kitchen inside.
Wind Energy on the Great Eastern Belt Bridge
Driving on the Great Eastern Belt Bridge

Driving the Great Eastern Belt Bridge, Denmark



  1. Sure, it cost 1075 Danish Kroner (about €150) for 3 nights for two people. It cost 75 Kr a head (10€) for each of our friends to stay each night. One of the beds could be made into a double, and it was heated and had a little double hotplate cooker and fridge. Not too expensive I think and being so close to the seashore was lovely.

    The last time we stayed in a larger Hytte in another part of Denmark that was older but larger and cheaper (you could sleep 6 people in it). I think it was very good value and had very good facilites.

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