Rügen Elderflower-lime Cordial

Lime and Elderflower Cordial

Hello everyone!

I’m just back from a wonderful weekend on the island of Rügen in former East Germany. I brought back some Elderflower from our travels. Last year I had grand plans last year to make some cordial but I couldnt get any elderflowers from a non-roadside source (too many toxins). This year I got the last blossoms from a beautiful coastal walk directly at the Baltic sea. It was such a wonderful, secluded spot, I can already imagine myself sipping on a glass of elderflower syrup with some fizzy mineral water and a sprig of mint, remembering the calm, quiet walks along the coast.


Here is the recipe from my blog post from last year. I switched lemons for limes because that is what I had in my fruit bowl. When it is made and strained I will post a photo of how it comes out, I’m super excited already!

Below are a few photos of Binz, Rügen. Rügen is the largest German island and I would certainly go back, next time for some camping. There was a campsite right next to the hotel which was near to a lovely quiet walkway with easy access to the sea for swimming. I cant find anything listed on any website for it, but I will try to contact the hotel to see if they can give me the info to keep.

Promenade, Binz, RügenThe beach at Binz


We’re now in full holiday mood and looking forward to next weekend when we drive down to Füssen on the German border in the South in Bavaria where we will set of on a 2 week driving holiday of Austria and Switzerland.

Here is our route:

I have so much to prepare! have a wonderful week!





  1. Thank you! It tastes soooo good too! And was simple to make. The only fiddly bit was “stripping” the flowers from the stalk. Now I think I have enough to last me until next spring!

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