DIY plant feeder – worked for 2 weeks!

DIY plant feeder in a pinch!

While chatting to Lois at her Livingsimplyfree blog I got inspired to have a go at making my own plant feeder. Last year I asked a friend to feed my plants and my milk kefir, and not getting into the details too much, I really felt like I was imposing on her. So this year I thought I would try this, or just get some new plants.

Keeping in mind I don’t own SO many plants, this did work for our two week holiday – even my delicate basil plant lived! I thought I would share what I did. I used:
– 1 lasagne tray
– A couple of squares of damp kitchen roll (line the tray first with a few layers and pour on some water enough to hold it
– then I poured on about a centimeter to two centimetres of water
– and covered with couple of clear plastic bags

I couldnt believe my eyes when my basil plant was still living when I returned! Actually it’s doing pretty well :)

Hope this is useful to somebody!


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