Where is the journey going?

hamburg elbtunnel
The entrance to the Elbtunnel at Hamburg harbour

Hello! It’s hot here at the moment, the whole week it’s been over 30 degrees celcius (86 F) and I’m feeling the effects of it – hot and bothered! I feel like I really can’t concentrate on anything either at work or at home and it seems like balancing keeping on top of things at work along with a relatively clean home, nutritous meals, being washed and looking put together is becoming more than a bit overwhelming. I discussed it with my behavioural therapist, who recommended strongly that I come home from work on time. No if’s or but’s. And although it will be hard sometimes, so far so good. This weekend has been a lazy one, just what I needed. Setting clear boundaries is something I struggle with.

I need some time to get myself together for leaving my current job (which is becoming more urgent) and getting a mid to long-term plan for where I’m going to go in general. I’m slowly getting the courage to making the first steps to getting out of here and developing more of a concrete anti-anxiety plan for myself including much more exercise and free time.

Other than that I have been trying to eat paleo for the last two weeks to try and fit more comfortably into my clothes. I’ll do it for a month. I notice a small difference already but do struggle with breakfast in particular because I don’t always have leftover meat or fish and I seem to be going through eggs like nobody’s business. Today I made paleo pancakes, enough for 4 people but we ate them all in one sitting! LOL!


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