A hard week

Hello, I hope you’re all keeping well and enjoying the summer. We’re having some wonderful weather here which is so uplifting and is giving me a lot of energy to get the things done that a girl need to get done. It was a pretty hard week with almost a spontaneous decision to go home permanently, or in stages and another spontaneous decision to quit our jobs and go traveling abroad. Neither of these ideas lasted until Friday but it was a very emotional and stressful time. At the very worst time we had a chance encounter with an old friend which diffused the situation. Sometimes we forget how important it is to get help from our friends…

…In between things have calmed down, and we spent some time at a little exhibition in the Ethnology museum today seeing an exhibition on everyday objects in China and Germany. One of the items was a little golden piggybank, with which there was a nice quote from a chinese monk who noted how the piggybank fills himself up without the thought that some day he will be smashed open. Is it a comment on the destructive quest to accumulate wealth?

photo: sxc.hu

In other news, after taking a cue from the chance meet with our friend and how beneficial that was, I decided it was important that my boyfriend can visit his best friend soon. He lives in London. So I booked some very reasonable flights for October, but I cannot get over how expensive the accommodation is – especially hostels. The cheapest I found was with the Friendship House, but in the end we chose two nights at a Travelodge. We’ll stay one night with an Aunt of mine and then we’ll have one day still to sort out. Any suggestions of where to stay / eat on the cheap are very welcome!

And everything else I will just take one day at a time :)


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