A very good Monday morning to you all… I’ve been successfully ignoring the shops slowly starting to fill up with Christmas items, but this guy stopped me in my tracks yesterday when I was out for a walk… mistletoe – growing wild in the middle of the city! I don’t normally bring my phone when going for a stroll but I was waiting to hear from a friend and caught this beauty! Look at that blue sky too, it was just a beautiful day. We had visitors all weekend, so there wasn’t a huge amount done around the house.

Flylady’s “Cruising Through the Holidays” journal was emailed around (for free) this week too, so the holidays are on their way. I must get started on that as well. We will have a wedding to go to while we are home for the Christmas period, and i did NOT want to buy anything new, although one of the visitors really put me off and now I don’t know whether to persist with plan A or get something else (secondhand!) I wanted to have a nice vintage style and invest any money into a new coat.

I didnt take many pictures of London when I was there, but I would give a tip as to a decent budget hotel where we stayed which was the Travelodge in Southwark. Walking distance to London Bridge, Westminster (20 mins or so), nearby cafe’s where you can get a fry for around a fiver (saves on lunch!) . We visited the Tower of London which was fascinating, we saw Beefeaters, ravens, the old armoury but gave the crown jewels a miss because the queue in the rain was far too long. Our very kind hosts told us that it’s possible to get in for half price if you have this ticket, but we weren’t organised enough and ended up paying full whack… oh well!

tower bridge memorial
war memorial at the tower of london

Tower of London

Our next trip is in 2 weeks time, when we return to Ireland for a long weekend. I can’t wait! I’m also sloooooowly planning our long-awaited trip to Japan 2015 which will hopefully coincide with me quitting my job finally, I started to look for a new job last week. Wishing you all a happy and productive week!



  1. Don’t be influenced by others – wear what you want! Glad you got to london and thanks for the inexpensive hotel tip – I have yet to get to London but wouldn’t ever want to miss the tower of London.

  2. Aw, thanks for your encouragement! Yep, all i have to do is get some nice shoes and earrings to go with the dress. Everything else is ready, so I’m thinking about just doing what is easiest for me. London was really amazing, I hope you also get to experience it some day :)

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