You’ve to go away to come back

coastal walk, ireland, ireland east coast, travel, hiking
A Coastal Walk, East Coast, Ireland. The cut green grass you see on the right belongs to a house that had geese roaming around their driveway. So picturesque!

Hello and good morning! I’m just back from a short stay with friends and family back in Ireland and am now enjoying two extra days off for myself! Bliss!

It wasn’t too cold there just yet and I even got to enjoy this lovely dry evening on a walk with the dog. It was really nice just to catch up with my close family and closest friend, because generally over the Christmas period, things get a little bit hectic with expectations of visits and I end up driving around like a crazy person from Dublin to Belfast and still in the end, feeling guilty that I didn’t get to see EVERYBODY.

Last night we had a splurgey meal in a restaurant we had wanted to try for some time now and it was a really nice way to end our break. My plans for today include: staying hydrated and relaxing. I might get a few groceries and enjoy cooking a meal for us later on in the evening. Last weekend I finally sent out some job applications. A company I have always wanted to work with contacted me (that NEVER happens!) so that was the “invitation” I seemed to be waiting for, to get my behind in gear and get out there again :) That gave me the motivation to apply for a second job in a place I would love to work, so the ball is now rolling.


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