Lazy and inexpensive Christmas Postcards

Hello, I hope you’re all keeping warm and are well! I made some Christmas postcards this weekend and thought I would share with you how I did it. The idea of postcards came about because last year’s DIY Christmas cards ended up costing me a holy fortune on post (approaching €5 a card!) so I swore that next year’s season’s greetings will be done in another, cheaper, format.

Using photoshop I edited a photo of the two of us that we were wearing big knitted jumpers, sort of like this one below…vintage-jumper-patterns-christmas2-1
(we don’t actually own any kind of Christmas jumper) but if you did, then you could just take a photo of this – LOL!

Then I took them to our local drugstore (Budni) and they have a photo printing service where you can print out greetings cards, for a very reasonable €0.27 a card. Then with a permanent marker and a ruler I made some lines for the address, kind of like this below…

postcard markings

This way the postage only cost €0.75 a card – which is a much more reasonable way to let your friends and family know you’re thinking about them this time of year. And who doesn’t like getting post that’s not a bill? :)


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