Sealed Pot 2014 Challenge Results

sealed pot challenge, saving money

Drumroll please….we saved €200.84 this year in our little sealed gravypot! This kicks last year’s €64 squarely in the butt. I’m delighted! It means that we saved on-target €2 a week! We’ve decided to bag up the coins, take it to the bank and lodge the money and take a weekend away together in the new year:) And guess what, we’re going to up the ante to a €3 minimum a week for 2015! Woooo!

I have been considering other challenges for 2015, but haven’t decided on anything just yet. So far I’ve considered a “no sweet things, except homemade”, “no *new* clothes”, ” X amount of no-spend-days”, “X amount of work lunches” but am not sure. Have you decided to do anything special for 2015? I made a deal with my much-better-saver boyfriend to help me draw up a budget this year, so watch this space! The other part of the deal is that I help him with his tax forms (I think I win there! They’re both only 1 page long!)

I succeeded with my new year’s resolution to “be more charitable”, supporting charities that deal with hunger relief with a fixed monthly donation. I really thought that I would be really in trouble at the end of the month because of this, but it is just not true. It didn’t affect me at all and I know that the people who receive something from it really do need it.

This time next week we’re sailing to Ireland for the holidays! We hope to get a couple of days to ourselves this year, perhaps relaxing in the West of Ireland between visits, turkey and ham, weddings and more visits! My Christmas gifts are all bought, not yet wrapped, and I am tentative to look at my budget because I know I completely blew it. But I have also kept to Cheapchick’s No More Christmas Crap Challenge, all except a purchase of a cosy winter bedsheet, which I think doesn’t count :)



  1. You did great on your pot. Ours is weekends away too – going for the same challenge in 2015. No plans yet though. Thanks for the shout out – the campaign was harder to stick to this year as I was running low on wrappings but Mom offloaded a bunch when she unpacked her Christmas things so now I am good until next year. Have a wonderful time in Ireland. Merry Christmas!

  2. Ah thank you and merry Christmas to you too! I think I’m going to be low on wrapping paper too, but if I do then I will just use some other white crepe paper, some red twine and some greenery. I’m currently staving off a cold with some hot whiskey right now – sniff! :)

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