A happy and healthy 2015 to you!

Co. Mayo

Happy new year to you all! I hope 2015 found you in full health! I was off for a week off work with the Flu before we traveled home for Christmas and then on my return I caught the cold. I don’t think I’d ever had the flu before, but, what I did learn was that pretending to sleep, or even better, actually sleeping, seems to ward it off.

This year we drove to France and took the overnight Ferry, (Stenaline) from Cherbourg to Rosslare. In total it’s about 1400km each way. Despite the cost of two hotels and petrol, this was significantly cheaper than flying and renting a car for 14 days. We saved around €750 – €1000 on car hire and the best part was that we were able to take all our belongings with us, including a some wine and beer as gifts on the way over, and some treats from home for ourselves on the way back. One little thing we learned however, was to eat our main dinner before we boarded for the return journey since the food, although reasonably priced didn’t agree with by boyfriend’s digestive system. Would I do it again? Yes, provided we were staying a minimum of 2 weeks.

We spent New Year’s on the blustery, but beautiful Achill Island but chose to stay in Westport, Co. Mayo. This would have been much cheaper had we planned ahead, but this was the first year that my boyfriend and I decided to finally take some time out for ourselves during the holidays and go away together for a few days, just the two of us. Achill is in a gaelic-speaking region of Ireland and is about 40km north of Westport. It’s connected by a land-bridge, so you can simply drive onto it. No ferries required! The secluded beach past Keel was the highlight, where I’d love to return to one summer to see if I can spot some basking sharks!

I have never seen these long. dark, thick 'pinecone-like' plants growing anywhere else.
I have never seen these long. dark, thick ‘pinecone-like’ plants growing anywhere else.

It was a lovely few weeks off and I’m curious to see where 2015 will take us :)



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