Budget Time

budget time!

Hello friends! You find me this week trying to get my financial house in order :) It actually wasn’t so bad, I followed the Flylady FACE journal which you can download here to get an overview on things. This, in combination with a cool new app from my bank, is really getting me motivated to get back into good habits. I’ve even worked out how much I can spend a week.

It’s pretty cool, it’s linked to your account and when you take out cash from an ATM you can put little notes in with that withdrawal to say what you spent it on (different categories) .

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 17.53.12

You can even set a budget for those categories and it shows you when log in what’s left in your budget for that month. I think at the end of the month I will have a good overview of what I actually spend my money on. I always purposely avoid knowing how much I spend on groceries for example, however I know deep down I spend much more on eating out.

I have been diabolical at eating lunch out the last week, so it’s time to try to do better because I need that money for our trip to japan which is now in just:

japan trip

All of our accomodation is now sorted and fingers crossed only one night we have to pay for in cash when we get there. We will even stay a couple of nights with a friend of my boyfriend, which we don’t normally do because he doesn’t like to impose. This time it was offered and I’m sure we will be very grateful for some free accomodation! Actually I’m also really looking forward to hanging out with him because he has lived there almost a year with his girlfriend who is japanese and I always love going off the beaten tourist path to see how the real, normal people live.

I’m also very excited today because I sold a simple and practically unworn jacket on Kleiderkreisel and with the money used it to buy a beautiful new top that I hopefully will get lots of wear out of :) Easy come, easy go!

fatface top blue

I havent heard from the seller yet, so I hope everything is ok and she hasn’t preemptively donated it! Isn’t it amazing that the thing that lies around in one person’s wardrobe can be worn again and loved by somebody else? I do donate a lot of clothing, but some items I try to sell or swap first. This year I’m going to try to buy as little new clothing as I can possibly get away with and certainly not before our trip to japan.

I’ve been doing an unusual amount of private work for friends and family, and so have been coming into work early and staying late. I will ask them to make a charitable donation for the work, as I’ve not been so giving in 2015 as in 2014 this far and I dont like to ask for money from them either :)

Also I’ve decided to make a real start on leaving my current job and so am trying to get on top of my job hunt at the same time, but this won’t happen properly before japan. Baby steps :)


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