image Good Morning!

japanese food at homeHello there! Since coming back from Japan Ive been feeling really good. It’s been busy (therefore no posts!) but all round feeling much better. It could be the rest, but I think a lot of it had to do with the food and my digestion system has been thanking me. For this reason, I’ve tried to adopt the Japanese diet as much as I can into my everyday life. Take a look at my breakfast this morning! It’s rice with a small amount of salmon, refrigerator miso preserved aubergine, green tea, miso soup with some tofu and seaweed, and spring turnip asazuke. I have also had good success with making soy sauce eggs and they didnt last very long in our house. japanese food at home That means I’ve been getting to grips with making quick pickles for breakfast, rolling up little tamago omelettes and I just love leftover green tea or oolong tea cold with ice. I invested in a rice cooker and leftover rice is really easy to squash into onigiri to take with me to work. That way I don’t run to the bakery out of convenience because it’s cheap. It does mean that you need to prepare one or two new things each day so as you have kind of a “rolling pantry” with different little bits and pieces. Both my boyfriend and I have noticed benefits for ourselves switching our diet a little. He feels like he has more energy at work and I don’t feel that I need to run back to my doctor in a hurry.


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