Lots of free recipes for your ice-cream maker

lychee and coconut sorbetIt has been really hot and sticky here the last few weeks and since I got the tip to just leave the ice-cream maker bowl in the freezer, I’ve been using it a lot more and actually buying a lot less ice-cream from the supermarket and / or ice-cream kiosks.

I’ve even made sorbet in the machine too (you don’t actually need an ice-cream maker for this), which was a big hit! Since not all of my experimental ice-creams or straightforward recipes have turned out in something that resembles ice-cream, I prefer to try recipes from blogs or from YouTube that have been made by actual people. But today I came across a wonderful website  and on it was a great idea, which is: sharing the recipes given away in different online manuals – so everything is completely for free! Have a look here. It also links to a keeper of a website from the manufacturer DeLonghi that also offers lots and lots of free ice-cream maker recipes including: marscapone ice-cream, peach ice-cream, and fennel sorbet.

My ice-cream maker is from a brand called Clatronic. Its manual is here, (for english, flip to page 36) but there are only 3 recipes and I haven’t tried any of them. My favourite ice-cream I have ever made in it is Diana’s Chocolate Gelato, which I make with 85% chocolate. This one for lemon flavour frozen Greek yoghurt was also very good, but I didn’t make it a second time. Perhaps it was too healthy ;)

Today we will be trying lychee and coconut sorbet from the blog Just One Cookbook. I already mucked it up a little bit because I did not read everything through properly once first to know to separate the syrup from the fruits because you don’t need all of it :S I strained it off a bit and am hoping it still turns out ok. From this beautiful blog I’ve already made the green tea ice-cream (froze kind of weird but tasted good) and the red bean ice-cream (turned out really well but I guess is a kind of acquired taste). We’re still on our Japanese food buzz.


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