gallery Make-ahead Japanese breakfast Omelette (tamago)

Good morning! The attempt to keep a Japanese diet going, at least partially is still well underway. It’s not that much extra effort and I don’t mind it when the results to my digestive health have been so enormous. I feel also that my urge to eat sweet things (particularly chocolate) is greatly reduced when I start my day at least with rice, eggs or fish or beans, and some pickled veg and salad. Getting the fresh fish here is the most difficult part, because you get fed up of just eating matjes and north sea shrimps or salmon but it works. Anything that I can prepare that I can just grab is a bonus.

One thing that’s so easy to prepare is slices of the slightly sweet omelette “tamago”, which I eat on their own sometimes, or on top of rice like sushi. It tastes so buttery – although there is no butter at all used! I don’t have a special square tamago pan and thought I would share how I get around this:


It makes a perfect takeaway lunch too!


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